Lye "as it used to be”


SMAPIÙ LYE “AS IT USED TO BE” is the new SMAPU GROUP natural product as citric acid and washing soda.
It is an eco-friendly natural compound which has been used since ancient times for housekeeping: from laundry to crockery, floors, sanitary fixtures, etc.
Lye is a very ancient natural blend coming from the wood ashes: it is composed of natural raw materials which are respectful of fabrics and once they have been disposed are not harmful to the ecosystem.

Lye powder is ideal for washing linen, both by hand and in the washing machine. It can be also used as washing-up detergent providing clean dishes easily removing oil, grease and stubborn stains. Well-known for its remarkable efficiency as stain remover from the clothes it is also very versatile for many housekeeping purposes.

It is very easy to use:
1. In the washing machine: add 2-3 spoons in the tray or directly in the drum
2. For handwash: dissolve 2-3 spoons in water and then soak the clothing
3. For washing-up: rub the lye directly on the crockery with a wet sponge
4. For surfaces as tiles, sanitaryware, etc. dissolve 2-3 spoons in 750 ml of water in a spray bottle



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