Pet hair dissolver

TIN 500 g

SMAPIU’ PET HAIR DISSOLVER is the additive for dissolving and removing pet hair from the laundry in the washing machine; thanks to its features it can be indifferently assorted in Pet Care, Laundry or Home Hygiene shelf with excellent performances.

During washing, all the hair is immediately removed from the fabric, then it is agglomerated and finally softened and totally dissolved without any residual in the machine filter.

SMAPIÙ PET HAIR DISSOLVER is ideal for garments in contact with pets, but also for pet bedding, towels and blankets, , it can also be used on an empty washing cycle to remove previous hair residuals from the machine.

For pet hair removal add 2-3 spoons (50-60 grams) of SMAPIÙ PET HAIR DISSOLVER to the usual detergent and run the washing program at suggested temperature.

SMAPIU’ PET HAIR DISSOLVER is packaged in a convenient 500 g resealable tin.


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