SMAPIU' STOP INSECT is the brand of our insecticides. It includes certified insect repellents, several specific after-puncture and an innovative anti mosquitoes floor cleaner.

  1. a certified gas-free insect repellent spray 55 ml;
  2. a certified insect repellent in disposable wipes 10 pieces;
  3. an innovative anti-mosquito scrubber in tabs based on geranium and citronella compacted with chlorine that makes the solution hygienic. It can also be used by depositing a tablet directly in the toilet, or in the septic tank, saucers, puddles, etc., and more generally in all damp places known to be very popular with insects. The tabs can also be inserted into a classic trigger spray for all other uses.
  1. an after-puncture line consisting of 4 items:
  • an after-puncture specifically for wasp stings;
  • a particularly soothing mosquito after-puncture;
  • an after-puncture (anti-stinging) specifically for jellyfish stings;
  • an insect after-puncture specifically for the delicate skin of children from 0 to 3 years.

The full range is entirely made in Italy with top quality ingredients, CPNP Notified and based on aloe vera, which does not irritate or burn and, above all, does not contain ammonia.

Mini roll-on baby mosquito
BLISTER 1 piece
Mini roll-on jellyfish
BLISTER 1 piece
Mini roll-on wasp
BLISTER 1 piece
Mini roll-on mosquito
BLISTER 1 piece
Insect-repellent wipes
BOX 10 wipes